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I have 3+ years of experience in working with paralegal services in the UK. In my work experience I have provided legal support to various kinds of business in the UK. I have successfully drafted terms & conditions and privacy policy for websites and apps, partnership agreements, distribution agreements, supply agreements, services agreements, franchise agreements; reviewed and amended employment contracts and other B2B/B2C contracts for my clients. The clientele varies from IT companies to online stores, including the sale of both goods and services. Currently I am specialised in assisting UK companies with contract drafting and review, and helping to optimise legal documentation and ensure maximum protection of the rights of my clients, including intellectual property rights, payment terms and limitation of liability, and enforceability of other parties’ duties. Another one of my specialisations is applications and obtainment of licences in the UK, which include tobacco and alcohol licences, WOWGR, (S)EMI and many others. I have successfully obtained aforementioned licences for dozens of clients, including grocery stores, alcohol warehouses and an e-wallet startup; and I will be happy to assist you with obtaining either of these licences too. I am personally responsible for the result but in the same time apart from one expert you will have a team of professionals in your pocket! Send me your request and I will be happy to consult you on various topics!


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