19.11.2021 - 20:52

Filip S. - Oakgrove

  • When

    Date: Saturday, 17 September 2022 - Start: 17:00

  • Number of guests

    21 - 50 guests

  • Planning services requested

    Wedding rehearsal
    Wedding ceremony
    Wedding reception

  • Services

    Venue selection
    Vendor selection
    Vendor coordination (contracts, payments)
    Day-of wedding coordination
    As recommended by planner

  • Wedding theme

    No specific theme

  • Event theme

    We want the wedding to have the open sea and mountain for backdrop. Ideally with grassland in the venue. I think south Italy or Portugal may be a good choice but open to somewhere else which have similar backdrop and venue. With about 45 guests. Thanks!

  • Customer understands that pros pay to quote

    I understand

  • Somewhere in Southern Europe. porbably Portugal or Italy

  • How would you like to meet with the Professional?

    Remote: by Phone or Internet