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Fixando professionals pay a small fee to quote on your job. Out of respect for our professionals, please only submit a request if you are seriously considering hiring a pro.
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We try to find Advertisers in your area for you.
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Users only see the first 4 digits and the general town area, Example 4050, Cedofetia
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We use the email to send the quotes and the pro's contacts
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Your email stays always secure and is never shown
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We need the phone to inform you about incoming quotes.
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The name will show like Maria F.
Only PROs who quote can call you, up to a maximun of 5.
All other PROs see like this: 916XXXXXX.

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What do you have to do to submit your Advertising request?

You only have to answer the questions on this form. Then just wait for the Advertisers quotes you will receive. Fixando will present you up to 5 quotes in 48h. Review the quotes and select the right Advertiser for the Advertising project.

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